Expensive Natural Hair Care products vs. Mainstream Hair Care poducts

I was almost beginning to think I was one of the only naturally curly girls out there that felt like $10 was more than enough to spend on a hair product.

Although I stopped relaxing my hair in 2010, I never got into natural hair until recently.  I began reading articles and message boards in a quest to find the proper way to care for my natural hair.

The information became overwhelming and I found more and more products I felt I just had to try.  Most of the products I had never heard of and once I’d research them, I’d find super high prices.  I can only continue to be the product junkie I am when the prices are reasonable.  But today, I found this article on 5 best hair care products under $5.  I was happy to see a product I use on there as well.

I’m all for whatever works for my hair.  I don’t care if it’s a smaller, less known company, or a well known, mainstream company.  BUT, the product can cost me my life savings for 2 or 4 ounces.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that although we all want healthy, beautiful natural hair, we should use what works, not what’s marketed as natural hair care must haves.  A lot of these natural hair care products use inexpensive ingredients.  For example, pure, unrefined shea butter goes for less than $12/lb on Amazon.  Different oils can be had for the same price or less (occasionally more).  Mixtures of shea butter and oil cost upwards of $10 for half a pound of product.  

The point of marketing is to get you to buy a product.  Many companies are doing a great job of that, but I won’t be a victim of price gouging to have products that are specifically marketed towards me because the company wants to. Show me a truly superior product that works much better than any mainstream product and maybe, just maybe I’ll buy into the hype to try it.


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