Imperial Dax Hair Care Samples made an awesome mail day!

This is a review, kinda, sorta.  Last week I ordered samples from the Imperial Dax company, manufacturer of African-American hair care products.  The samples were free but I had to pay $3 for shipping.  Their website says ‘Due to the cost of shipping we had to add a charge to our DAX samples. When ordering DAX samples, you will receive 4 of each DAX sample packet that we have in stock.”

I received a nice priority mail envelope FULL of samples.  Wow!  I got hair care samples as well as skin care (body butter) samples too.  It cost the company $5.70 to send, so they still footed some of the bill for the samples.  I think it was worth it.  What do you think?  I can’t wait to use some of them so I can do an actual review.

You can get your samples here.



Auromere Ayurvedic Hair Conditioning Oil / Pre-Shampoo Conditioner & My Stellar Mail Day

I went on a mini shopping spree this past week to reward myself for the hard work I did this month and my package came today!  I took part in three kids consignment sales in my area to make money from my children’s clothing & other items they’ve outgrown.  If you don’t know about children’s consignment, check out Just Between Friends for more information.

I was being loyal to Amazon because I have their prime membership which gives me free two day shipping on items sold by Amazon.  However, I had been looking at several different items after reading the forums at Curly Nikki and Naturally Curly and I found that Amazon wasn’t giving me the best prices.  I turned to VitaCost and I’m glad I did.

I purchased a total of 9 items including various oils, Biotin pills, andImage Auromere Hair Conditioning Oil / Pre-Shampoo Conditioner.  It’s a blend of oils and Ayurvedic herbs including Sesame, Coconut, Ginger Lilly, Khus Khus, Nutgrass, Neem, Brahmi, Castor Leaf and More.  I prefer to make my own oil mixtures, but this one included Ayurvedic herbs, so I wanted to try it.  My first experiment with Ayurvedic herbs didn’t go well because I didn’t know what I was doing lol.  This oil was a lot less messy and cost me less than $6.

I applied it to my hair liberally.  I don’t mind heavy oils at all because my hair “eats” them up quickly.  I left the oil on my hair for several hours while I browsed the internet, ate dinner, and lazied around the house.

I finally convinced myself it was time to wash my hair, so I hopped in the shower.  I washed my hair with a Chagrin Valley Shampoo bar sample, then added Giovanni Moisture Conditioner.  I am very pleased with the results.

After shampooing, the oil was removed from my hair, but it remained very soft.  The conditioner sat on my hair while I washed up and I exited the shower with clean, soft, moisturized hair.

The point of pre-shampooing is to keep the hair moisturized while washing and the Auromere Hair Conditioning Oil helped me achieve that goal.  I have to say though, it doesn’t work any better than when I mix random oils and use that as my pre-shampoo.  Like I mentioned before, the herbs are the difference.  From what I read, the herbs have benefits, but since I’ve used the oil once, it’s too early for me to tell if the herbs work as mentioned.

I recommend this oil to those that don’t have the desire to mix their own oils, but want the benefits of using multiple oils or those that are into Ayurvedic Hair remedies.  This is also a great item for Product Junkies such as myself to try.  It costs much less than many of the items marketed towards curly people and it does pay to pre-poo if you’re concerned about moisture or shampoo stripping your hair.

Now, for the downside.  This is a heavy oil. I rarely use shampoo that has sulfates in it.  I usually am satisfied with co-washing and using shampoo once a month or so. I don’t have product build up, but some people do.  I did use a shampoo bar, but it is all natural, contains no sulfates, and some say that it won’t clean your hair of oils and other chemicals, but my hair feels squeaky clean using a shampoo bar.  In addition, the oil has a funky smell once applied and I know for a fact, it’s the herbs.  The good part is that the smell went away as soon as I shampooed.  The smell didn’t bother me much anyhow.

The only way to determine whether you’ll like it is to try it out for yourself.  Even so, if you don’t like heavy oils or oil period, you may want to skip it.  If you do decide to try it, there’s only small investment and if you don’t like it, you can always give it to me.  Just kidding lol.

If you decide to try it, come back and let me know what you think.

The Natural Me Whipped Shea Butter, A Review

I heard about the “Natural Me” through some folks on a message board.  I love shea butter so I ordered two tins of whipped shea butter and a headband.  Almost $40 and three days later, I received my package.  Man, I couldn’t wait for the mail person to arrive.  To my surprise I received a tiny box that left me wondering if all I ordered could really be in there.

Well, yes all my items arrived.  I’m kind of upset that I placed an order though.  Looking at the products and smelling them, they look and smell like the shea butter sold on many corners in Philly.  In addition, the butters have scents, but they aren’t that strong considering the smell of shea butter is strong.  All I would have to do is buy shea butter, add oils to it, whip it up and voila, whipped shea butter for less than $15 per 8oz.

I’m not disputing that the product works. If you can get access to shea butter and whichever oils you’d like to add, you can save some money and have more of a supply.  Just sayin’!Image

Expensive Natural Hair Care products vs. Mainstream Hair Care poducts

I was almost beginning to think I was one of the only naturally curly girls out there that felt like $10 was more than enough to spend on a hair product.

Although I stopped relaxing my hair in 2010, I never got into natural hair until recently.  I began reading articles and message boards in a quest to find the proper way to care for my natural hair.

The information became overwhelming and I found more and more products I felt I just had to try.  Most of the products I had never heard of and once I’d research them, I’d find super high prices.  I can only continue to be the product junkie I am when the prices are reasonable.  But today, I found this article on 5 best hair care products under $5.  I was happy to see a product I use on there as well.

I’m all for whatever works for my hair.  I don’t care if it’s a smaller, less known company, or a well known, mainstream company.  BUT, the product can cost me my life savings for 2 or 4 ounces.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that although we all want healthy, beautiful natural hair, we should use what works, not what’s marketed as natural hair care must haves.  A lot of these natural hair care products use inexpensive ingredients.  For example, pure, unrefined shea butter goes for less than $12/lb on Amazon.  Different oils can be had for the same price or less (occasionally more).  Mixtures of shea butter and oil cost upwards of $10 for half a pound of product.  

The point of marketing is to get you to buy a product.  Many companies are doing a great job of that, but I won’t be a victim of price gouging to have products that are specifically marketed towards me because the company wants to. Show me a truly superior product that works much better than any mainstream product and maybe, just maybe I’ll buy into the hype to try it.