Palmer’s Cocoa Butter, A Review

Five stars for Palmer’s Cocoa Butter.  I love the smell and the price.  I purchased a 13.25oz for less than $6 at BJ’s membership storeIMG_0756.  I do realize that everyone doesn’t have a club store membership, so it may not be cost effective.  I’ve seen smaller containers of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter for more money at Target, Walmart, etc.

Plamer’s Cocoa Butter includes Vitamin E and claims to heal and soften rough, dry skin.  It also “soothes marks & scars” whatever that means.

I used this heavily during the East Coast winters.  Sometimes I mixed it with Neutrogena Bath oil, lotion, or just used it on its own.  It always made my skin feel soft and moisturized, refresh, and the extreme opposite of rough.

When I put it on my face, I always received compliments of having beautiful skin.

While I give this product five stars, it’s based on fulfilling its claims and the price I paid.  I’d give it less stars if I had to pay more.  In being frugal, I think there are several products that can do what you want that don’t cost a lot.  I also have a tendency to think that regular price is just an asking price or starting point.  Sales, deals, and coupons start the bargaining and bring prices down to an acceptable amount.  The exception to this is smaller businesses that don’t see their product in store or offer coupons.

Anyhow, Palmer’s Cocoa butter is it.  Go get yourself some!