Bubalina Spicy Pumpkin Skincare Products, A Review

In February, I ordered a Bubalina Spicy Pumpkin Skincare Set from My Habit.  It came with a bottle of body wash and a bottle of lotion.  I paid $15 for it and My Habit listed a retail price of $40.  Shipping was free.  I don’t know how much the products retail for regularly Looking at their website, the body wash/shower gel is going for $22/bottle.  Guess I won’t be getting anymore of their products anytime soon.  My inner product junkie should have jumped out and ordered two or three of the sets.  Oh, well.

Anyhow, today was the first day I tried the products.  I love them!  I still don’t know if they’re worth $15 in my book.  Perhaps they are because it’s a unique scent.  It’s cool either way because I deserved a treat and treated myself to this wonderful gift.

The body wash had a rich, creamy lather even using about a quarter sized amount.  The scent stuck to me for a bit.  When I got out of the shower I followed up with the lotion.  It was thick, strongly scented, and very moisturizing, even using a small amount.  +1 for the products being “anti-inflammatory”.  Great smell, great coverage, and medicinal naturally!

Sometimes I dislike skincare products because they aren’t moisturizing, require the use of too much product to be effective, or just aren’t worth the price in general.  However, I feel these products are wonderful and each 8oz bottle of product will last me awhile.  I’m not a tiny person either and the small amount of product used gave me great coverage.

If you ever catch these products on sale, try them out.  It’s such a nice treat 🙂