The Natural Me Whipped Shea Butter, A Review

I heard about the “Natural Me” through some folks on a message board.  I love shea butter so I ordered two tins of whipped shea butter and a headband.  Almost $40 and three days later, I received my package.  Man, I couldn’t wait for the mail person to arrive.  To my surprise I received a tiny box that left me wondering if all I ordered could really be in there.

Well, yes all my items arrived.  I’m kind of upset that I placed an order though.  Looking at the products and smelling them, they look and smell like the shea butter sold on many corners in Philly.  In addition, the butters have scents, but they aren’t that strong considering the smell of shea butter is strong.  All I would have to do is buy shea butter, add oils to it, whip it up and voila, whipped shea butter for less than $15 per 8oz.

I’m not disputing that the product works. If you can get access to shea butter and whichever oils you’d like to add, you can save some money and have more of a supply.  Just sayin’!Image